23 Novembre 2015 – Séminaire TES, Yasushi Uchiyamada

10 h30 Amphithéâtre Fabre, campus Victoire

La faculté d'anthropologie et le laboratoire ADESS proposent plusieurs séminaires Temps, espace, sociétés. Pratiques rituelles, mise en mémoire et processus identitaires (TES) tout au long de l'année universitaire.

Yasushi Uchiyamada interviendra pour 3 séminaires TES au 1er semestre sur le thème général "How to follow transforming beings – an anthropological reflection"

Le thème de la conférence du jour "A processual approach to sacred placiality in India"

The second lecture discusses the “sacred grove” or the kaavu of Kerala, India. Although the notions of kaavu and temple are sometimes used interchangeably, they are structurally different. There is excess in the former that refuses to be reduced to a temple. What is the nature of a kaavu? What is the nature of a temple? The former is unstructured and the latter is structured. High status temples are surrounded by kaavus. Many “temples” of untouchables were groves without a temple structure. I suggest that a kaavu is a depository to the fertility and the death, and hence, it is associated with untouchables. I shall describe what happed to these kaavus during the land reforms that radically transformed the landscape of Kerala.

Main Text

Uchiyamada, Yasushi (2000) The Passion in the landscape: ancestor spirits and land reforms in Kerala, India. South Asia Research 20(1): 63-84.

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